Bloodline for hemodialysis
Application area:

for Hemodialysis

Информация об изделии:

It is used for extracorporeal detoxification of the body during extrarenal blood purification using a peristaltic pump and a sorption column.
Arterial trap;
The inner diameter of the pump segment is 8mm, the outer diameter is 12.0 mm, length 350 mm;
Injecon needle (spike needle);
Clips on all lines of blood circulaon;
T-shaped injecon port for bolus administraon of drugs
T-shaped segment for connecng a pressure sensor with a fixed hydrophobic filter at the end;
T-shaped segment for prolonged administraon of heparin;
The air trap.
For single use
Filling volume 170 ml
Pyrogen-free, non-tox