Set of drainage
Application area:

for Surgery

Информация об изделии:

It is used in medical pracce to collect pathological fluids from various drains and drainage systems.
Set included:
Bag drainage 1000ml
Drainage tube with dimensions according to the Charyer  scale Ch / Fr 16, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 36 
The walls of the bag are translucent, for beer visualizaon of the color and amount of the separated liquid
Bag with a long flexible tube resistant to excesses
The tube has a conical connector that allows you to connect the drain pipe
It is supplied with graduaon from 25 to 100 ml that allows to measure even a small amount of liquid
The smooth surface of the drainage tube reduces fibrin adhesion and contributes to more efficient oulow
The length of the tube is sufficient to drain complex cavies
The tube has an open distal end
The tube has three side holes
Sterile For single use Shelf life - 5 years