Syringe injection with a needle for insulin . U -40, U-100.
Application area:

for Infusion therapy

The lineup:

INSULIN U-40" 1 ml/cc, 29Gx1/2
INSULIN U-40" 1 ml/cc, 30Gx1/2
INSULIN U-100" 1 ml/cc, 29Gx1/2
INSULIN U-100" 1 ml/cc, 30Gx1/2

Информация об изделии:

Used to perform subcutaneous insulin injecons.
Triangular sharpening needle
Indelible scale 1 ml / 100 units, 1 ml / 40 units
The integrated needle and the absence of dead space guarantee the introducon of a full dose without loss of medicaon
A clear, contrasng, indelible syringe scale ensures accurate dosage
For single use
Expiraon date: 3 years