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Company philosophy

JV LLC "HEALTH LINE" is a dynamically developing enterprise - a manufacturer of medical products.

OUR MISSION - production of modern, high-quality and safe medical products; creation of import-substituting socially significant products; quality assurance at all stages of production of medical products; development of new sales regions both domestically and abroad.

The company's policy is aimed at creating and maintaining a positive image of the "HEALTH LINE" brand in the field of quality as evidence of the reliability and integrity of the enterprise.

Achievement of goals in the field of quality of medical products JV "HEALTH LINE" LLC achieves due to:

• Orientation to meet customer requirements, systematic study of customer satisfaction with the aim of subsequent analysis and improvement of the quality of manufactured medical products;
• Continuous analysis of the competitiveness of manufactured medical products and monitoring of consumer requirements;
• Continuous work to ensure the safety and efficiency of manufactured medical products;
• Providing production with resources of the required quality;
• Automation and mechanization of production stages;
• Continuous process of personnel training in advanced production technologies;
• Development and registration of new medical products and their industrial development;
• Preservation and strengthening of the existing network of sales of medical products;
• Expansion of the geography of sales of medical products of the enterprise in the domestic and foreign markets;
• Compliance with the requirements of the integrated management system;
• Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system.  

The company has implemented and is using an integrated quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016, taking into account the requirements and principles of good manufacturing practices defined in the GMP Manual Part 1 and Directive 2003/94 / EC and intends to constantly improve it. The enterprise has a testing laboratory accredited in accordance with O'z DSt ISO / IEC 17025. The basis for the implementation of the company's policy in the field of quality is the applied process approach and the involvement of each employee of the company for the quality of their work