Drainage bag with T-drain valve
Application area:

for Urology

Информация об изделии:

Used to collect urine in inpaent and outpaent sengs
T-shaped drain valve at the boom of the bag
A non-return valve prevents backflow of urine, significantly reducing the risk of developing an ascending infecon.
The walls of the urinal bag are transparent, for beer visualizaon of the color and quanty of urine
Equipped with a long, flexible tube that is resistant to bending, at the end of the tube there is a conical connector with a cap, ideally suited to any size and type of catheter.
The device for draining urine allows you to use the urinal for a longer me and empty it as necessary sealed rings for fastening the urinal
For single use
Made of so PVC, non-irritang to the paent's skin
Equipped with a calibraon from 25 to 100 ml, which allows you to measure even a small amount of urine
Volume 2000ml
Tube length 90 cm
Expiraon date - 3 years