Hypoallergenic adhesive plaster on a paper basis and on the basis of a perforated film
Application area:

for General therapy

Информация об изделии:

Universal hypoallergenic adhesive plaster on a polymer and paper basis for normal and sensive skin. It can be used for delicate skin of infants and sensive skin of elderly people.
It is used for fixing volume dressings on sensive areas of the skin (including dressings on the face and eye area)
It is also used for mounng urinary catheters, probes, gastric tubes, intravenous tubes, and other medical devices on the body
The polyacrylate adhesive layer is suitable for normal and sensive skin without causing allergies or irritaon.
Microperforated base structure allows air and moisture to pass through without causing skin maceraon and discomfort when used
It has water repellent properes
Advantages of paper adhesive tape - can be labeled
The transparent base of the adhesive plaster allows you to visually control the place of fixaon, makes it possible to observe the level of fluid in the tubes and catheters fixed with it
A perforated film adhesive is invisible to the skin
Easily fragmented - thanks to the perforaon in the film, it easily comes off without the use of scissors in the longitudinal and transverse direcons
Not sterile
For single use
Basis: transparent microperforated plasc film, viscose
Adhesive Layer: Polyacrylate Adhesive ™ Adhesion Degree: Normal
Release form: Coil in individual polymer packaging
Dimensions: 1.25cm x 5m; 2.0cm x 5m; 3.0cm x 5m; 4.0cm x 5m; 5cm x 5m.
Expiraon date - 3 years