Indwelling catheter
Application area:

for Urology

The lineup:

Foley catheter silicone single use sterile 2 (female and male)
Foley catheter silicone single use sterile 3 (female and male)

Информация об изделии:

It is used for prolonged (up to 7 days) catheterizaon of the bladder when it is impossible to urinate independently, as well as for diagnosc and therapeuc procedures.
3-way catheter having an addional port allows insllaon, hemostasis, rinsing
Smooth transion from the balloon to the catheter sha reduces the possibility of injury during catheterizaon Packed in expanded form, which allows you to insert a catheter directly from the package without touching it The catheter an-return valve is designed to fill the balloon with a syringe without a needle
Color marking of the balloon inflang valve in accordance with the internaonal standard ISO 
For single use
Made of silicone / high quality silicone coated latex
Atraumac distal end, two side openings
Expiraon date - 5 years