Medical mask
Application area:

for General therapy

Информация об изделии:

Intended for use in operang rooms and in other rooms with similar requirements, in order to limit the transmission of infecous agents between staff and paents, to fully protect the working environment
The medical mask consists of three layers - the inner and outer layers are non-woven material (Spandbond), the filter layer (Meltblown fabric), elasc ear loop band and reinforced plasc strip for nose bridge
Bacterial filtraon efficiency of mask is ≥ 95%
The combinaon of high-quality non-woven materials that soly fit the skin without rubbing it
Conveniently aached to the head with a so elasc band of the headband
A flexible reinforced plasc strip allows you to press the upper edge of the mask to the face, repeang the contours of the nose
Mask body size: 175 x 90 ± 5 mm
Size of elasc ear loop 180 ± 20 mm
Shelf life - 5 years