Nasal oxygen cannula with connecting pipe 2000 mm
Application area:

for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

The lineup:

Single-use nasal oxygen cannulas, sterile size S
Single-use nasal oxygen cannulas, sterile size M
Single-use nasal oxygen cannulas, sterile size L

Информация об изделии:

It is used for long or short supply of oxygen. Ability to use at home
Replaces an oxygen mask
Straight nasal teeth
The thermoplasc material of the nasal teeth soens under the influence of the temperature of the surrounding ssues and does not cause discomfort to the paent
Uniform supply of oxygen
The edges of the nasal teeth are well processed, which eliminates the risk of damage to the nasal mucosa
Allows you to monitor the condion of the paent
Allows you to eat, talk during therapy
Easy to fix by adjusng the loop length
For prolonged use of the cannula, a humidifier must be used at the beginning of the oxygen line 
For single use
Made of transparent implantaon-non-toxic polyvinyl chloride
Allows to achieve with a stream of oxygen 2 l / min laryngeal-pharyngeal concentraon
Oxygen 26 - 30%, and with a flow of 4 l / min - 36%.
The size of the connector meets internaonal standards and allows
Connect to any oxygen lines.
Expiraon date - 5 years