Job responsibilities:

1. Conducting microbiological tests and sterility control of finished products.
2. Conducting microbiological monitoring of the production environment and conducting work to prevent the occurrence of microbial contamination at the enterprise
3. Control of the working parameters of laboratory equipment (thermostats, refrigerators, bactericidal lamps, autoclaves, etc.).
4. Control of storage and accounting of strains of microorganisms, maintaining them on nutrient media, performing work with microorganisms to control the growth properties of nutrient media

Requirements for the applicant:

Does not matter
Does not matter
higher education (faculty of biology, medical or pharmaceutical institute)
Knowledge of languages:
uzbek, russian
Computer knowledge:
First level
Additional requirements:

it is desirable to have work experience: - a microbiologist, - a bacteriologist or have experience as a technologist in a pharmaceutical or food production
Required work experience: not required
Full time, full day

Working conditions:

employment of TC RUz;
delivery of personnel and meals at the expense of the enterprise.