Arterial / venous fistula needles (AV)
Application area:

for Hemodialysis

The lineup:

Needle 15Gx1 "(25mm), tube 150mm
Needle 15Gx1 "(25mm), tube 300mm
Needle 15Gx1 1/4 "(32mm), tube 150mm
Needle 15Gx1 1/4 "(32mm), tube 300mm
Needle 16Gx1 "(25mm), tube 150mm
Needle 16Gx1 "(25mm), tube 300mm
Needle 16Gx1 1/4 "(32mm), tube 150mm
Needle 16Gx1 1/4 "(32mm), tube 300mm
Needle 17Gx1 "(25mm), tube 150mm
Needle 17Gx1 "(25mm), tube 300mm
Needle 17Gx1 1/4 "(32mm), tube 150mm
Needle 17Gx1 1/4 "(32mm), tube 300mm

Информация об изделии:

Needles are designed for painless penetraon into blood vessels during the hemodialysis procedure. An AV fistula needle is needed, in an amount of 2 pieces, for the hemodialysis procedure. The first needle on the one hand conducts a puncture of a blood vessel, and on the other hand connects to the arterial line, which ensures blood sampling of the paent. Another needle also puncture the blood vessel, but connect to the venous line, which creates a return of blood to the paent.
Do not injure blood vessels, reliable, safe.
The movable buerfly wings provide precise and reliable fixaon of the needle (the wings can be fixed and rotang).
Closed buerfly wings protect the needle from rotaon.
Aer fixing, the buerfly allows you to remove the needle at any me.
The needle p with three cung edges provides a clean and so puncture of the vessel.
Needles are coated with silicone grease
The clamp allows you to immediately stop the flow of blood.
Movable clamps, can be used on venous and arterial highways
Convenient Luer-Lock connector with wings makes it easy and reliable to connect the needle to the trunk.
The diameter of the needle corresponds to the color coding of the wings.
For single use
Tube length 150 mm, 300 mm
Expiraon date - 3 years