Single-use injection needles "Luer"
Application area:

for Infusion therapy

The lineup:

23Gx1 1/4 (0.6x32mm)
22Gx1 1/4 (0.7x32mm)
22Gx1 1/2 (0.7x38mm)
21Gx1 1/2 (0.8x38mm)

Информация об изделии:

It is used for intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous administraon of various drugs into the human body. Features:
The needle is made of the thinnest stainless, surgical steel (AISI 304)  allows you to maintain strength with a minimum wall thickness;
The tip of the needle has a trihedral atraumac sharpening of the tip, which provides a less painful introducon;
The color of the cannula corresponds to the size of the needle according to internaonal ISO standards;
LUER mount - suitable for use with most medical devices.
The needles are silicone coated for easy and smooth inseron.
For single use
Expiraon date: 4 years.